Ashley Duprey on being a whore

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Darby Gunpowder:
Whore, Ashley Duprey had no problem “opening up” to People magazine about her Eliot Spitzer “job”. I gotta admit, when I first found out how much this little whore made for whoring her whorey body out, I thought to my non-whore-self, “Damn that whore makes a lot of whorey money whoring her whorey body out -maybe I should be a whore.” Alas, I didn’t have the inner-whore in me (I quit after 4 failed attempts outside a Church’s Chicken), so I have to whore myself out on Derober everyday because frank and beans ain’t cheap and I gotta eat. Save your money and read the article here for free,

On the real Ashley:
“I am a normal girl. Everyone knows me as ‘that girl,’ but I’m not just ‘that girl.’ I have a lot of depth, a lot of layers.”

On not knowing who Eliot Spitzer was:
“Some guys, they want to have conversations and really get to know each other. With him, it clearly was not like that. It was more of a transaction. Strictly business. I was there for a purpose – not to wonder who [he] could be.”

On becoming a prostitute:

“This wasn’t any different than going on a date with someone you barely knew and hooking up with them,” she reasoned. “The only difference is I can pay my rent.”

On how her mother found out:
Once the FBI told her they were looking into one of her clients, Dupré says she was forced to confide in her homemaker mother, Carolyn, that she was turning tricks.
“It was extremely painful for her,” Dupré says, though “my mother wasn’t angry. She was supportive.”

I bet her mom was a whore too..

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