How does Tom keep getting Scientology money out of Will?

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Let me start by saying Will Smith denies that he’s a Scientologist. Ok, fine. However, if that’s the case then why did he donate over 122,500 dollars to various Scientology front groups last year and over 1,000,000 dollars to a Scientology based private school the year before that? Will Smith ISN’T to Scientology what Oprah Winfrey ISN’T to rich. Do the math kids. According to a Fox News report

He also gave a combined $122,500 to the Church of Scientology, broken into these donations: $67,500 to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxication Fund, $50,000 to the group’s Celebrity Center in Hollywood and $5,000 to ABLE, another Scientology offshoot. Smith and his wife have also supported a private school called New Village Academy they opened this fall in suburban Los Angeles that uses Scientology learning concepts.

C’mon Fresh Prince, lets hear the truth. I know you and Tom have many late “man nights” that involve hours of laughing, pillow fighting, Greco wrestling and games of Truth or Dare. Tom likes to make you do the Dares though doesn’t he Will? It’s ok, we all know.

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