Khloe Kardashian takes shit from animal lovers

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

After posing for PETA’s latest campaign, bloggers began posting photos of Khloe wearing fur coats. This has angered Baby Hulk and she talks about it on her blog,

As some of you might have seen today, there are several people who have taken to the web calling me a hypocrite and posting photos of me wearing fur.
The reason PETA approached me initially is because in my past I did wear fur and they wanted to educate me on the brutal ways in which animals are skinned for their pelts. After watching their video once, I was so horrified that I immediately swore off fur. The cruel treatment I saw had a great impact on me and I am deeply hurt that people are trying to criticize me for uneducated choices I made in my past that I now regret terribly.

It should be noted that Khloe Kardashian can neither read nor write. This statement was written by a fox named Binky who was shot and made into a scarf moments after this was published. 

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