There’s something wrong with this photo: Take 2

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
This is the Paris Hilton that God intended. Eyes sunken, clothes tattered, expressionless and surrounded by men who loot all over her. You get the picture. But somewhere along the lines heaven’s angels must have lost Paris’ file in the cracks and so in their own guilt they decided that Paris would inherit the earth–literally. Big mistake. In these pics Paris can be seen promoting My New BFF with a look of idiotic bliss on her face. The kind of face you like to imagine a horse bucking with its hoofs, or you know a sledge hammer bashing with its… sledge hammerness. I personally don’t think Paris would make for a good stripper because the whole limp and lifeless dead fish body of hers. But hey it makes for a good visual. Am I right on this one?

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