Is Aaron Carter a Pot Head?

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Once you’re the brother of an ex-Backstreet Boy you can’t get out. It’s like the Mafia, but for pop-princesses and retards. Aaron Carter was just busted in Texas for speeding and possession of marijuana. The pop-puss was arrested and forced to spend the night in jail. The Star reports:

“After he was stopped, his car was searched and some marijuana – less than two ounces – was found in the vehicle,” Kimble County Sheriff Michael Chapman told Star. “Mr. Carter was placed under arrest and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and speeding. His car was impounded.”

And so was his ass. Oh, ZINGER! But seriously he probably was taken to the woodshed and drilled by a cowboy named Rusty. All speculation at this point. But sources say that Aaron spent the morning curled up in a blanket, being force-fed doughnuts as he cried like a school girl. He remains there currently.