Ali Lohan, please step away from the Holy Water

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Darby Gunpowder:

Ali Lohan was seen here in NYC with her mom, Dina ‘Cumgargle’ Lohan, looking like a vamp…or a poser vampire slayer. It is dark out so it’s hard to tell -maybe she’s a day-walker, or maybe she simply has Rob Zombie’s song, ‘Living Dead Girl’ stuck in her head. Either way, someone should jab a stake into her heart for good measure. One down, two to go…Mwahhh Haahhh Haahhh!*

*Evil laugh echoes in the crisp night. Thunder cracks and lightening strikes. A baby cries.

You be the judge

Darby Gunpowder:
Recent photos surfaced of 14 year old Ali Lohan sporting some massive mammaries. Since this growth spurt happened nearly overnight, many are saying she went under the knife. At the risk of continuing to sound perverted even talking about this, I think they are real given the ample Lohan genes. I can’t talk about this anymore, so I’ll let big sis Lindsey explain. Here’s her Myspace page post regarding the taboobs:

“hey everyone..
i just had to share something that came up today and it made me feel a bit sick to my stomach.
so, here’s the visual…
me and my friend Patrick walking into a store, and two paparazzi come up out of nowhere (like usual) and start throwing questions at me…
one of them being, “Hey Lindsay, what do you have to say about people commenting on your sisters implants?”
my response simply was, “Did you really just ask me that? She is a 14 year old girl, and you are a pedophile!”
i was caught out of nowhere so i didn’t really come up with the proper response at the time.. there’s many other things that i felt like saying, but why give it to a random guy with a camera so that he can make money!
All i am trying to say is, is that, i was raised with a wonderful family surrounding me, of course we have our ups and downs, but all in all my mother taught us to appreciate what we have been given. Nor would she ever encourage, or allow a 14 year old child to alter her body.
i am not judging people that do, but i am just saying that its not something that my family finds necessary to do, especially when you’re not even fully developed yet!
It is hard enough being 14 years old and you have enough insecurities to begin with, then add being in the public eye…
i just find it really disconcerting that people have to focus on the negative and that some people are sooooo bored with their own lives that they need to manifest lies to hurt another person.
in a more positive light…
i got some great clothes from alexander wang and i miss samantha cuz she’s out of town 🙁
have a wonderful day everyone~
til next time..
xx LL”

Lindsey Lohan Lesbo Poser Alert!!!

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Darby Gunpowder:
Lindsey and her newly proclaimed girlfriend, Samantha Ronsen, were seen out and about in NYC with her younger sis, Ali.
Now I’m no gynaconologist, but I can smell a lesbian a timezone away -and Lindsey Lohan is far from it. I know everyone craves the box from time to time, but this kind of conversion so late in the game is reckless and unreasonable. It’s one thing if you switch teams for Petra Nemcova or Rachel Bilson, but Samantha Ronson sits the proverbial butch-bench.
For those of you who are thinking, “Who the fuck is Samantha Ronsen?” Click Here to find out. One need only look at the cockticulous picture on her wiki-page -it speaks volumes.
On a side note to all the ladies out there: I’m no fashion guru, but I know what sucks and these girls’ outfits suck sweaty sticky summertime balls. Don’t do that.

In case you missed it: Lindsey Lohan is not only a lesbian, she is a mannequin.

Ali and Dina Lohan visit LA–not welcome

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~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Just when you thought it was safe to go to the beach, Ali and Dina Lohan reared their ugly heads. The two fame leaches visited Malibu beach today in hopes of stealing some of Lindsey’s press. But no one steals from Lindsay. Rumor has it Lindsay is forming a counter strike as we speak. We don’t know many of the details but apparently a call was made to Kim Jong-Il and an alliance is brewing.