Anne Hathaway’s Vogue shoot: Butterface Showcase

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Darby Gunpowder:

My first thought when I saw Anne Hathaway’s Vogue photoshoot, was: “Why didn’t they use Marisa Miller instead?” It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Marisa Miller should be on the cover of every magazine -am I wrong here? I’m no golfer, but I know sex sells. Marisa Miller is the sexiest woman in the galaxy. Anne Hathaway is the 2nd sexiest woman on Planet Butterface -next to Hillary Swank. C’mon Vogue -get your shit together…or don’t. I never liked your shitteous magazine.

Don’t worry Matt, to get that rotten Hathaway taste out of your eyes, I included a little side-dish of M-squared below.

Anne Hathaway got dogged…hard

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~ She got dogged so hard she was ‘Wookied’ ~

So we all know that Anne Hathaway dated a criminal but apparently she was also covering con-man Raffaello Follieri $37,000 per-month rent says the NY Post:

“He wasn’t too ashamed to allegedly cash thousands of dollars from his goo-goo-eyed girlfriend, Anne Hathaway. The “Get Smart” actress paid her beleaguered beau’s whopping $37,000 monthly rent at his sumptuous Olympic Tower duplex for four months until finally, in June, his lease ran out – and she ditched him as the feds closed in on his schemes.”

Note to self: Date Anne Hathaway. Date the shit out of her. She’s dumber than a sack of hammers and she’s rich. And when I date her I’m going to have her buy me all sorts of cool shit like water-trampolines and tree houses n’ stuff. But I want one of those adult tree houses that make you feel like a kid but with all the luxuries of adult living. Look, do I have to diagram this out using Anne Hathaway in a see-through dress? Fine, I will!

Kevin Spacey forgot to take his ‘Straight Pills’ again…

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Let me start off by saying it’s not what it looks like. I hear in some cultures sticking your finger in another man’s ass is perfectly normal. Kind of like bowing is to the Chinese, or blowing a total stranger is to a Saigon whore. Just simple courtesy I’m told. So these photos of Kevin Spacey pulling a kid’s pants down and spanking him shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you John Q. Public. But on a more serious note, if you were born in America and like me then you’re probably a tad bit skeptical of Spacey’s alleged heterosexual image. He has showed up to numerous award shows in the past with beautiful women at his side and has never officially come out of the closet. However, these pictures might just have blown those hinges clean off. But either or I think Seinfeld said it best when he uttered, “not that there’s anything wrong with that.” It does, however, make for one hell of an interesting story though; I’m just sure Spacey’s publicist would agree.

For these pics and more ‘in the closet celebs’ check out pics below…

Anne Hathaway takes terrible photo.

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Here’s how it works. We see this picture and somebody says something like, “God, Anne couldn’t look any worse if she was bald.” That is followed by a very pregnant pause and then some devilish smiles.

We at Derober would like to send a message to all celebrities: If Anne Hathaway the cookie-cutter princess isn’t safe, nobody is. We’re going to ratchet this up a notch in the coming weeks. Brace yourselves.