Ashley Tisdale cancelled more concerts, blames fake nose.

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Are you sick and tired of looking at side-by-side images to see your favorite star’s nip/tucks? Derober has the cure. Ashley Tisdale apologized to fans for missing shows in Miami and Philadelphia last weekend because of her recent rhinoplasty procedure. Ashley writes on her fan site:

“Unfortunately, the deviated septum (new fake nose) was more significant than we originally thought so the healing process is taking longer.”

These are fragile times for Ashley’s new fake nose. If she sings a note in High C, the nose could literally blow off her face and into the crowd, causing a frenzy for the souvenir.

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Who wore it best?

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Before you vote for the obvious here. Let me say that I met Kelly Clarkson recently. Leo, myself, and my idiot cousin B.C. were hiking Temescal Canyon in the Pacific Palisades as was Kelly and her friend. I think I was mostly freaked out because just before the hike we were discussing our top 5 women we’d like to date (because that’s what boys do), and I said Kelly was my #1. No more than 45 minutes later I was face to face with her. The details of how tongue twisted I got that day will remain in my darkest closet. I will say this. Kelly was kind and down to earth when we met. She’s got talent and she’s got my vote.

Yes, Jonny Boy, I heard about that little episode. You have no game it seems. Kelly, on the other hand, has more game than Parker Brothers. Saw her in concert last year. Yes, I cried during ‘Because of You.’
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