Ashton has a gaping hole where a rod should be

Ashton Kutcher loses it when his neighbor decides to build a house RIGHT NEXT TO HIS!!

What are you selling, Ashton?

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
In this mosaic, you can see Ashton Kutcher posing in his undies for V Man. Some people think Ashton looks good sporting the whitie-tighties. But if you ask me, I think his small package makes his hips look fat.

Paris taxi driver holding Demi nude pics for ransom!

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Leo writes:
This is just awful. What will the French think up next? Don’t do it, Ashton. Don’t dump one more dollar into the French economy. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but everybody saw Demi naked in Showgirls anyway so it really doesn’t matter if these pics get leaked.

John writes:
I’ll bet you a baguette those pics are pretty gritty or Monsieur Cabbie wouldn’t be asking for a bundle. Good for France. In America, the name for this is extortion. In France, it’s just sound buisness. Viva la Revolucion!