Ugh, this is hard to watch.

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Yesterday, Britney ran around town in a pink wig running o few errands, one of which was stopping off at the police station to get her cute photo and fingerprints taken for a hit and run she was involved in. Britney is becoming more and more detached, it seems. The choice of wig doesn’t help. Let’s face it, she is desperate for attention.

Britney Spears Blackout Album Leaked (and smelled of urine)

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Leo says:
Let me start by saying who gives a flying fuck if Shittious Spears’ new album cover art got leaked. The above album cover is rumored to be the new final choice by Jive records. The album cover leak follows the suspect leak of all the smelly music tracks over the past couple months. My conspiracy theory is that Jive Records leaked this garbage themselves as a publicity stunt so people like me would write about it and hype it. Shit. My bad. I don’t know when this album launches, but even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you. But to be fair, I will tell any Brit fans reading this that there is an actual website devoted to petitioning Jive records to change the album cover art: Make a difference kids -her future is in your hands.

John Says:
I remember the days when Brit wasn’t all cracked out. When Leo and I gathered about her Rolling Stone cover like it was a campfire. I used to hum ‘Oops I did it again.’ I did. My brother and I rarely agree but, Brit, The 80’s called and they want their album cover back. I also have message here from Doug Dealer…wait, no, Drug Dealer. He says you’re back on the rent whatever that means.

Britney A No-Show To Court

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Britney Disa-Spears decided not to show up to court for her drug and alcohol test earlier today. I’d like to say that this comes as a shock to Derober, however though…it doesn’t. I mean what could she ever have to hide (see previous X-ray post of Britney). Top notch Britney, way to show initiative on your campaign to get your kids back.

Judgment is Passed Down on Britney

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Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon announced on Monday, October 1st that Britney must give up all both of her boys to Kevin Federline Calling Spears a “habitual, frequent and continuous” user of controlled substances and alcohol…” Let me repeat that last statement for you, Britney Spears has been accused of being so messed up that her kids are being forced to live with K-Fing-Fed. That’s like trading AIDS for HIV, or heroin for crack. Congratulations Britney, you truly have earned the title ‘Clusterfuck of the year’.

Britney Says She Doesn’t Do Drugs. I Believe Her

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But the Derober X-ray machine doesn’t quite agree. I mean it’s one thing that Britney is on drugs, but a whole fish, bones and all–just sick. Oh Britney, if only you hadn’t gone fucking insane none of this ever would’ve happened to you.