Chris Crocker Balls For Britney

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Everybody’s biggest crybaby just might be playing us all for fiddles. Coming off the recent popularity of his Youtube video which has over 12 million clicks (and counting), Crocker has just been asked to host his own show on an undisclosed TV station. So keep on crying Chris, and one day you may be the new Oprah.—-But God, we hope not.

Before Britney ate the snake

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Don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining Britney, you’re not fooling anyone. Britney might as well have entered the stage from an overturned porta-potty at the 2007 VMAs. Now we all know that Brit cannonballed off the deep-end the better part of the new millineum, but Brit, do us all a favor next time your asked to perform at a “major” award show, consult your handlers, publicists, family, and mirror before saying, “Sure ya’ll, sounds like fun!”