The Paparazzi are mistaken

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In an act of sheer lunacy, Brooke Shields ripped a page out of Britney’s fashion book titled, “Trailerdrobe.” The paparazzi all thought it was Britney of course. When they finally figured it out, everybody was sad. Really, really, sad about the whole darn thing.

Look Ma, no hands!!

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
This week while speaking for the Tupperware’s Chain of Confidence program, a campaign that encourages women and young girls to celebrate the bonds of female friendships, Brooke Shields spoke out about driving a car into her own house. She laughs, “I really did drive into my house. I was wearing these fabulous sort of kick-ass platform patent leather… I was all sexed out.” As for why she ran into the house, she exclaims, “I slowed down to what I thought was a proper speed… I went to go put my foot on the break and I couldn’t get my foot off the gas because the wedge was completely wedged under.” She adds, “I slammed on what I thought was the brake and it actually was the gas!”

Shields hit a pillar. She says, “I was fine. The pillar, of course, was removed at which point I was like we didn’t really need that, that’s just in the way.”

Well well, you hear that ladies, if you want to feel empowered, and driving into houses is kinda your thing, then Brooke Shields is the the nut job for you.

Bob, Brooke Shields is not a nut job, she’s an icon. How funny was she in that one sitcom? Hysterical. And then there was that movie on the island, remember? And the other stuff. Classics all. Bob, just please stop talking. You’re making an ass of yourself.