Angie Everhart busted for DUI

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Darby Gunpowder:
Former model and supposed actress Angie Everhart was arrested late Sunday night for drinking and driving. This happened only days after she and Joe Pesci called their freak-show marriage off. Is she depressed? Did Pesci set her up? The New York Post had this to say,

…the ravishing readhead, 38, was picked up at 2 a.m. last Thursday on Wilshire Boulevard a few blocks east of the world-famous Wiltern Theater. She persuaded police officers to allow her to use the bathroom in a nearby restaurant before taking the test, which she subsequently failed. She also reportedly refused to take part in any chemical testing because she claimed her attorney had told her not to. She was released several hours later on $15,000 bail.”

I’m trying my best to think of something nasty to say about Angie, but I’m distracted with the thought of whether or not the drapes match the fire-crotch. I’m usually not a big fan of gingers, but Ms Everhart makes me feel self conscious about wearing sweat pants.

Misha Barton felt left out of the DUI Club.

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Former star, Mischa Barton, was nabbed by the West Hollywood police early Thursday morning while successfully straddling 2 lanes of traffic. Not only was she driving shit-canned, but she did not have her license on her either. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Mischa was found with illegal narcotics (yet to be identified). Her bail was set at $10,000.

The icing on the cake is that she was scheduled to host a pre-New Year’s Eve party at the opening of the CatHouse at the Luxor in Vegas. This has been canceled and so has the check she was given. The Luxor is currently scrambling to find an equal replacement. It’s rumored that a street performing mime may take Barton’s place

Breaking: Topanga busted for DUI – mugshot!!!!

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‘Boy Meets World’ star Danielle Fishel, aka Topanga, was arrested Thursday morning for a drunken driving warrant in Newport Beach, CA. She was cuffed and stuffed around 5:00 and released a few hours later. I wonder if Ben Savage bailed her out?

For some reason this “Breaking News” of Topanga doesn’t fall under the ‘who gives a shit category”…I do kinda give a shit. It reminds me of the days she was on my ‘top 5 celebs I’d like to see in Playboy list’. Every young man in the world had a secret crush on Topanga growing up -don’t deny it!.
For the record, here is my top 5 Playboy Wish-list (from 1997) Mr Heffner:

1. Shania Twain
2. Paula Abdul
3. Tiffany Amber Thiessen
4. Jenny Garth
5. Topanga

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