Is Cameron Diaz a good person?

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We got this story over the weekend. Thanks Pam and Tori!

My daughter Tori and I recently accompanied by husband on a business trip to Los Angeles (we live in Dallas). Tori had always wanted to see Beverly Hills so I stretched the budget to stay one day at the Peninsula Hotel. Tori was convinced that she’d see tons of movie stars and I didn’t have the heart to tell her that probably wouldn’t happen. And it didn’t.
As we were checking out of the hotel the next day I could tell Tori was a little bummed. We must have walked up and down Rodeo ten times the day before. Then something happened. Tori ran up to me and could barely talk she was so excited. She swore she’d just seen Cameron Diaz come in and go to the spa. Continue Reading: Is Cameron Diaz a good person?

What does Cameron Diaz really look like?

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Celebrity Look-A-Like: Cameron Diaz



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