Leo DiCaprio, man of the people.

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Place: Irish Haven (a dive bar if there ever was one)
Location: NY, 4th and 58th St.

Leonardo DiCaprio can party harder than you. Here is the story:

“I’m a regular at Irish Haven (it’s the last place on planet earth you can still get Schaefer beer.) Last weekend Leo and his buddy show up. Everybody pretended not to care but the cell phones were out, believe me. Within an hour, a crowd shows up and i figure the big star’s gonna’ split but he doesn’t. Instead he just starts buying jager bombs for people. No shit. Guy must have bought 10 rounds. I guess he’s been there before because some people couldn’t get the pool table to spit out the balls and he yelled to them, ‘you gotta shake that one.’ He was cool to everybody. I can’t tell you exactly what he tipped but he’d hand the bartender big bills ($20 and $50’s) and tell him to keep it every time. I left the bar at 4 am and Leo was still there. One of my boys said he stayed until 7 but I don’t know if that’s true. If it is, I guess he isnt such the pussy I thought.”

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Tipping Wars: Bill Clinton vs Hillary Clinton

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Last month foxnews.com reported that Hillary Clinton visited a small town diner in Iowa, received a free meal, and did not even leave a tip. The waitress, Anita Esterday, was shocked that Hillary stiffed her and could only muster the words,

“Maybe they don’t carry money. I don’t know.”

By the way Anita works three jobs -way to make friends Hil. At least you’re not running for President…

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Hillary may wear the pants in this dysfunctional / model American family, but Bill proved that he keeps a wallet in his proverbial skirt. Showing up his wife who “don’t carry money”, Bill left a $45 tip on a $47 bill at another restaurant in Iowa. Tag, you’re it Hillary!

Is Luke Wilson a good tipper?

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Let’s get back to tipping stories that actually happened. This one was sent to us from Tim.
Place: James Beach (for LA’s trendy West-siders. Very cougar friendly)
Location: Venice, CA

“Last Sunday, Luke Wilson came in with a group of friends on a Sunday afternoon. They were all drinking at the bar and having appetizers. I asked Luke,
“Do you want to start a tab. Who will be paying?”
Luke sorta’ grinned and said jokingly,
“Probably me.”
Toward the end of brunch, one of the couples they were with ended up paying the check at the bar without anybody noticing. Luke walked up to me a few minutes later and asked me for the check. I told him his friends had already paid and he laughed.
“No shit, how much did they leave you?”
“$65” (a really good tip btw)
Luke pulled out two more twenty dollar bills and gave them to me. Very cool. Sunday is our slowest day. I can’t remember the last time I made out with a hundred bucks total much less from one group. Thanks Luke!”

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(Hoax) Derober Exclusive: Donald Trump leaves waiter a $10,000 tip!

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The following story is made out of thin air -enjoy:

Dee:We just received this story from our Celebrity Gratuity Database. It’s the best we’ve heard so far!Where? Buffalo Club (very private hangout for Hollywood’s old guard) Location: Santa Monica, CA

Donald Trump came in for dinner on Monday at the Buffalo Club. The reservation was under his friend’s name so nobody was expecting him to come in. I assume he’s in LA preparing for the celebrity Apprentice thing he’s doing. We have a special area for VIP’s so the celebs can see and be seen with each other. Donald ordered an ice tea and his friend showed up 10 minutes later. Continue Reading: (Hoax) Derober Exclusive: Donald Trump leaves waiter a $10,000 tip!

Is Pink a big tipper?

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Where? Marquee Club
Location: New York City

“I’m a server at Marquee. Pink showed up to an invite-only party hosted by a lame corporation. Pink and her entourage sat at a VIP table all night. They ordered bottle service and downed two bottles of Grey Goose and an expensive bottle of Champaign (I think it was Crystal but I can’t remember exactly.) Anyway, at the end of the night, Pink asked for the check. The bill would have been around $800 but the party hosts comped the entire thing. When I told her the bill was taken care of, Pink was really excited and appreciative. As she left, Pink pulled me aside and palmed me three bills like she was a badass. I assumed they were at least fifty dollar bills which would have been an average tip. So I went to the back of the restaurant to see. In my hand were three crumpled up $5 bills. I’ve been a server for a long time and nobody has ever tipped me so poorly. I hope you publish this story because I want everybody to know that Pink sucks. I gave her great service and she was very nice, but actions speak louder than words.