Is Larry David as cheap as his ‘Curb’ character?

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Uber-rich, Larry David dined at Mr Chow the other night and told paparazzi to,

“Keep the cameras on me because I’m going to leave an enormous tip. “

The valet declined to comment on how much David forked over, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Love me some ‘Curb’ -I was glad to hear Larry David actually tips well (so HE says) but I don’t buy it. The guy is notorious for being a cheapskate and he’ll always have it in him.

Reese Witherspoon tips the help.

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California Pizza Kitchen: Brentwood

Server says:
“Reese comes into the store with her two kids often. She always sits at the counter up front. Reese is nice and always asks about how I’m doing. And she’s a great tipper! She tips 35% every time. Her last bill was only $36 and she left $50.”

More tipping stories at Derober’s Celebrity Gratuity.

Could Justin Timberlake be a bad tipper?

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According the Australia’s Herald Sun,

“…the chart-topper joined several pals for a two-hour lunch at a Brisbane eatery this week, noshing on lamb masala curry and downing ginger beer.

The restaurant, following the rule that says those who earn the most must be given things free, proceeded to comp his $135 tab.

But the paper says Justin’s group breached freebie etiquette by exiting the restaurant without leaving a tip.

Timberlake apparently had plenty of eyewitnesses to the gratuity gaffe: A group of 25 journalists — almost all of them female — happened to be dining at the next table.”

Leo says:
Now, now. JT probably got really, really bad service and his food was probably outrageously horrible. Oh, and his table was most likely wobbly to boot. That’s probably why he didn’t leave ANY tip at all. I’m sure of it. But seriously Justin Timberlake is a weasel -always has been.

John Says:
This is a rare occasion when I agree with my brother. If somebody comps your dinner, and you’re already rich, leave a tip! You can tell everything you need to know about a person by how they tip. Doesn’t say much for you, weasel-boy.

Breaking News: Julia Roberts is an awesome tipper.

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John Says:
Recently, Julia Roberts noshed at an upscale Venice eatery. The server, whose name and employer will remain anonymous, said, “Julia showed up and had lunch with two industry types. When she finished, she picked up the bill and added 100% gratuity.” We know many of our readers are in the service industry so the Derobers have started Celebrity Gratuity. If you have any stories about celebs in your restaurant, good or bad, we want to hear about it. If a rich celeb runs you silly and doesn’t pony up, get back at them Derober-style!

Leo Says:
When we get the Celebrity Gratuity emails, I always worry that I’m suddenly going to hate a celebrity I’ve always loved… sorta’ like when I found out that Beck was a Scientologist. Thank God Julia is a good tipper, and also not a Scientologist.

Celebrity Gratuity: Hilary Duff

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Guilty. Hilary Duff seen here at the Los Premios MTV Latin America 2007 appears generous with her smiles as she poses for the cameras. But don’t be fooled. This primadiva is CHEAP!
According to a waitress who recently waited on her,

“I waited on her and her boyfriend Joel Madden. Joel is a regular at my restaurant and is so cool. All Hilary ordered was a drink and she insisted she wasn’t anorexic. She was totally rude throughout the night and was way high maintenance. She picked up the bill and only left 10%.”