Guess Who Just Broke Up?

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Amidst rumors that Chace Crawford couldn’t keep his hands to himself, Carrie Underwood finally gave him the boot today. Carrie claims that the two “just want different things,” whatever that means. So I decided this is my big opportunity to score a date with Carrie. I did some digging and found out one of her email addresses (not kidding). I sent her a romantic query which I’m sure she’ll enjoy. Here it is: Continue Reading: Guess Who Just Broke Up?

‘Gossip Girl’ star cheats on Carrie Underwood

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Gossip Girl star Chance Crawford is not a one-woman man. Rumor has it, he cheated on Carrie Underwood over the weekend. Real classy.

Ya’ did what with who for how many jelly beans? What are you stupid or something?