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Christina Aguilera left Crown Bar in LA last night so wasted she couldn’t stand up. Derober would like everybody to know that we condone this type of behavior 100%. Christina could hav had a bad day yesterday. Who knows? Maybe she got a runner in her panty hose and just said “Eff it, I’m gonna’ get hammered drunk.”

Disclaimer: Derober does not actually condone this behavior unless you are female of a borderline age and under our constant supervision. Thank you.

Star Maps: Christina Aguilera & Jason Bratman home address

513 Doheny Road, Beverly Hills, CA
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Christina Aguilera along with new baby Max Liron, and hubby Jordan Bratman recently moved into the infamous Osbourne homestead. Tucked away in the Hollywood Hills, it’s the perfect home to raise a family in peace and quite . No one knows where this house is, nor has anyone ever seen the interior of the house. When I think of privacy, I think of the Osbourne’s house.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

Purchase Price: $11,500,100
Year Built:
Square Feet:
Yearly Property Tax:
Hexes put on house: 48

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Christina Aguilera and friends visit Ellen

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We call it dress diving. As long as there’s a soft landing, you can’t get hurt. Christina brought out the sweater kittens on Ellen yesterday. Like the rest of America, I just turned the volume down on my TV and played the Scorpions, ‘Rock you Like a Hurricane’ until the segment ended.

Christina Aguilera’s baby is not starving to death.

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Christina Aguilera appeared in public for the first time and brought along her massive mammaries for a CD signing at Best Buy.
She also mentioned that she has been brainstorming throughout her pregnancy for her new album which she says,

“This next album will have a whole new me. A different me.”

We beleive you X-tina. Any album will be new to the Derobers because we don’t any of your old ones. Sorry.

Bidding on celebrity babies (pictures)

It’s that time of year again -when celebrities get pregnant the tabloids pay top dollar for the first look at the newborn. According to MSN.com, Nicole Richie is selling pics of her new baby gal, Harlow to People magazine for a cool $1,000,000. Us Weekly and People magazine are in a bidding war for Cristina Aguilera’s li’l dude Max’s pictorial debut; we’re told these pics will go for around 1.5 mil.

But the “big money” will go to Brad and Angelina’s (possible) twin-kiddo photos. The bidding hasn’t started yet, but their first baby, Shilo’s pics sold for a retarded 4 million dollars -but, the loot did go to charity, so that makes it a little less retarded.

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I wonder why my parents didn’t get paid any cash for my baby pictures? In fact, they PAID Olan Mills $29.99 for 2 8×10’s, 10 5×7’s and 20 wallet-sized baby pics.