Dog is a racist, but is he a good tipper?

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Place: Honolulu, HI
Location: TGIFridays
Thanks for the story, Steven!

They [Duane and his wife]  are one of the worst “celebrities” to wait on. They are very high maintenance and they expect to be given the celebrity royalty treatment while they treat service industry people like slaves. Real bossy people. Just white trash with cash. The wife ate like the healthy piggy she is. Their total bill was $250 and they left a $10 tip. Less than 5% for the math heads. Duane and Piggy, F*$k you!

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Dog the Bounty Hunter drops the N-Bomb

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The story goes: Dog hates his son’s girlfriend. Girlfriend is not white. Dog drops N-Bomb on phone with son. Son records phone conversation. Son sells tape to National Inquirer. National Inquirer breaks racist story. Dog secretly beats son. Dog apologizes and requests meeting with Reverend Al Sharpton.
OK, other than the fact Dog is now exposed as being a racist -there are other details to this story that I have trouble with….
Why the hell do you record a conversation with your dad and sabotage his career/character?
And why does everyone who makes a racist remark have to meet with Rev Al Sharpten as if he is the judge, jury, and god of the black community? Who do non-white people meet with if they make a racist comment? -Al Roker?
No really, I want to know -so please reply with an educated response.

Dog is a racist. This is a surprise. How does a simple minded man raised in the mountains who associates only with white trash become so ignorant? I’m baffled. He deserves what he’s got coming to him. But why on earth must he go hat-in-hand to Al Sharpton? This guy hangs out with Michael Jackson… that’s the alien who molested all those little boys, right?

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