Trump wants governor’s call girl for new show

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‘Established’ news media report Derober’s hoax as fact.

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Yep, that’s an actual screen shot of Fox New’s homepage. Hard to believe. If you click on the other photo, you’ll see Huffington Posts’ story as well (It’s the fake news story that appears next to President Bush.)
When Fox News found out is was a hoax, they asked for a quote from the Derobers. This was our email response. You will laugh:

“We can’t believe a credible news source, such as Foxnews would feature a story for an entire day without doing their homework. If foxnews would have checked out the rest of, they would have realized that derober is a satirical celebrity gossip blog that features PHOTOSHOPPED photos.

Get out the ol fire extinguisher! ;)”

LA Times Derobes Trump Tip Hoax

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The cat is out of the bag! The Derobers photoshopped the now famous Trump tip. The Los Angeles Times got the exclusive interview with Derober’s own John who explains in detail how the whole ruse played out from the inception right to Fox News’ homepage. There’s more. We’re going to have a youtube surprise for everybody on monday. Tune into Derober for all the laughs. See the LA Times article here.

Enjoy our little shout out on E! -Derober’s television debut. Thanks for the love Seacrest!

And here is what Access Hollywood has to say about the hoax.

(Hoax) Derober Exclusive: Donald Trump leaves waiter a $10,000 tip!

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The following story is made out of thin air -enjoy:

Dee:We just received this story from our Celebrity Gratuity Database. It’s the best we’ve heard so far!Where? Buffalo Club (very private hangout for Hollywood’s old guard) Location: Santa Monica, CA

Donald Trump came in for dinner on Monday at the Buffalo Club. The reservation was under his friend’s name so nobody was expecting him to come in. I assume he’s in LA preparing for the celebrity Apprentice thing he’s doing. We have a special area for VIP’s so the celebs can see and be seen with each other. Donald ordered an ice tea and his friend showed up 10 minutes later. Continue Reading: (Hoax) Derober Exclusive: Donald Trump leaves waiter a $10,000 tip!