The Rock set to play the Tooth Fairy

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The Disneyfication of the Rock is complete. After he finishes Disney’s Witch Mountain, The Rock will head to Fox to film The Tooth Fairy, a story about an inmate who is forced to do time as the Tooth Fairy. Wait, what?
The Derobers love killing off Dwayne. After we reported that he stiffed a server in a Kansas City restaurant, his publicist gave us an earful. The story is true by the way. Since then, any excuse we have to kill off The Rock with a great American lager is a good one. He’s like the Derober’s Kenny, only a huge pussy.

Is The Rock a good tipper?

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Place: Hereford House
Location: Kansas City

Recently, an actor known as “The Rock” was a customer of mine at a well-known steak-house that has been in business for 50 years. He called ahead and asked for the restaurant to open early to accommodate him, as he was trying to avoid fans. I got to be the lucky fool who had to open and set-up for this joker. He ran me with with this little complaint, ten refills on his soda, too much butter on his garlic toast, etc. The whole ordeal was hardly worth the lousy $7.00 tip I got. While this did average to be about 25%, I would think that a man that has dolls and watches in his likeness could have tossed at least a $20 for the extra time and service. This guy is not a “Rock” to me, just a cheap pebble.

I don’t consider myself greedy or ungrateful, I’m just a lowly server and I would tip more than that if I imposed on someone’s personal time like that. He is definitely the poorest celebrity tipper I have ever served.

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AFI and Airborne host ‘Southland Tales’ bash. Derober was there.

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Hollywood’s A-List turned out for theSouthland Tales premiere. Soooo much fun! The bash was sponsored by ‘Airborne’ so it was funny to see everybody boosting their immune systems while waiting for a drink. I don’t know what it is about Bai Ling, but I believe she brings out the animal in us all. I was too scared to get within arms reach of her for obvious reasons. Other celebs in attendance included Sarah Michelle Gellar, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Nora Dunn, Michelle Trachtenberg, Cheri Oteri, Kevin Smith (very cool), and Julie Delphy.

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Michelle Trachtenberg flies the friendly skies. And I must admit, there’s just something about a woman in uniform that cuts to the core of me. Well, that and the fact the blue-eyed seductress is absolutely gorgeous. I’d be her flight attendant anytime.
PS–I loved her in Ice Princess , and don’t care what anybody says to me about that. And for anyone curious, she kept her nerves under control when she met me. You can see Michelle soon enough in an up-and-coming show called The Hill.

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Although Halloween is dead and gone, Sarah Michelle Gellar seen here with The Rock and Richard Kelly, dressed like the Pope to the Airborne partaaay. And I’m cool with this. I’ve always thought of Sarah as a celestial being. And so help me, if Dwayne gets any closer to her, I’ll beat his ass. Hand check!!

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The Rock shits out a blockbuster

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Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, aka steamy load of shit, has a #1 movie. Wow…I can’t say I’m surprised, the man is on a hotstreak: first The Scorpion King and then Doom…of course this movie was going to take off. But let’s face it, dumb people will bring their dumb kids and Disney knows that. Fucking corporations!!! Drink Milwaukee’s Best.