Look-alikes, college mascots and celebrities

Did you ever look at a mascot and wonder what they might look like in real life? Derober has the answers. For the answers just roll your mouse over the photo and enjoy.

Editor’s Note: This is not where the celebrities attended college as most of them featured do not and have the education of a 2nd grader in a third world country…

Butch T. Cougar, Washington State

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Sparty the Spartan, Michigan State

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Hairy Dawg, University of Georgia

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Purdue Pete

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Lil’ Red, University of Nebraska (New mascot)

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Gary Busey evicted from his Malibu home

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Bob ‘the bitch’:
An eviction notice was placed on Gary Busey’s front door in Malibu. Reports are that he owes over $50,000 in back rent. Apparently, he’s refusing to do so because he claims that the “unclean air conditioning vents” were posing a serious health risk to him.
If I were a landlord and Busey told me that yarn I’d kick them in his fat teeth. The real excuse is always the obvious one: He doesn’t have any money. Period. Gary blew his money on coke and crazy stuff and now he’s living beyond his means which is why he’s renting, not buying. Silly Busey.

Update: Hollywood just evicted Busey! Developing…

What’s the Craziest thing Gary Busey ever snorted cocaine off of?

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In a recent interview with Maxim, Gary Busey was asked what’s the strangest thing he ever snorted cocaine off of? Busey couldn’t remember at the time. Then a few hours later Busey’s publicist called Maxim back because Gary had finally remembered. I repeat, Busey got back to ’em on that one. And he did not disappoint:

I came home one day, took off my windbreaker, and three bindles of cocaine fell to the floor. Well, my dog, Chili, who has short hair, came in and laid on her back with her legs in the air, and she rubbed all my cocaine on her back and side. I yelled, “No, Chili! No” So I got a straw, and I started brushing her hair and snorting where I saw cocaine. Back, butt, side — not a spot was left. It took me 25 minutes to snort all the cocaine the dog had on her coat. The fringe benefits of this were that the fleas, the dog hair, the mud, and the sweat went in my nose, too. It’s not a good flavor coming off the dog.

Gary Busey is an asshole…to an 11 year-old.

At this point, it’s widely acknowledged that Gary Busey was really, really drunk at the Academy Awards. In this video, he is interviewed by an 11 year old and did everything except take her ball away and ground her for a month. Clown Shoes.

Gary Busey attacks Jennifer Garner on the red carpet