Gemma Atkinson is worth a ‘Triple Lindy’

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Rodney Dangerfield Triple Lindy

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Another busty UK babe is flooding the internet. Her name (though unimportant)–Gemma Atkinson. Her game–major boobage of the third kind. I’ve said my peace. Now kick back and enjoy Gemma Atkinson’s cleavage while watching Rodney perform his patented ‘Triple Lindy’ in Back To School.

Gemma Atkinson in Loaded is newsworthy

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Welcome to another episode of Derober dress diving. Gemma Atkinson, England’s favorite pin-up girl, is special. She was given some gifts and she’s sharing her special gifts with the world. In the article Gemma talks about how she doesn’t ever withhold sex from her soccer-star boyfriend, Marcus Brent, before matches, “There is no pre-match nookie ban.” Jesus. And there you have it. A real humanitarian.