Clooney and Fabio fight. Derober’s exclusive photos.

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Actor Fabio was dining with friends at Madeo in LA when one of them took a picture close to a table Clooney was sharing with his girlfriend Sarah Larson.

According to In Touch Weekly magazine, Clooney thought the photographer was trying to take shots of him and asked her to stop — a request that annoyed his fellow diner.

The magazine reports Fabio went over to Clooney’s table to explain, but the conversation became heated, and the long-haired actor was overheard telling the “Ocean’s Eleven” star, “I thought you were a nice guy. Stop being a diva!”
The encounter reportedly prompted angry Clooney to stand up and approach Fabio.
An eyewitness tells In Touch, “The waiters broke it up before it got out of hand.
“George looked annoyed. … George was drinking but he wasn’t drunk.”

Yes! This is the kind of hysterical stuff that can only happen in LA. How surreal must that have been? A romance novel sex symbol (in the twilight of his career) and George Clooney about to fight. And Fabio calls George a Diva! Was it backwards day? I would have paid good money to be a fly on the wall at Madeo’s.

What does a girl have to do to be Clooney’s flavor of the week?

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John Writes:
When Sarah Larson was a finalist on ‘Fear Factor’, I wonder if she was thinking, “OK Sarah girl, just down this last scorpion martini and you might get the chance to blow and American icon.” I wonder if he calls her scorpion breath to be funny. Nah, I’m sure George doesn’t know her last name yet. Give it time.

Leo Writes:
Love Sarah. Love the crutches. Love scorpions.

Bob ‘The Bitch’ says:
Yeah, I say George Clooney can get any girl he wants so why not let him have fun with this flavor of the week? I mean Sarah is a beautiful woman.

Leo says:
That’s all you’v got…don’t ever speak unless spoken to. So, I guess that means you should never speak at all.