Did the Duffster get implants? Doubtful…but what if?

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Teen queen, and notorious bad tipper, Hilary Duff is starting to look awfully robust in the chestal region as of late. Now, I couldn’t say, with ANY amount of certainty, that she had breast implants installed, but what I can say is that the thought of two water balloons used instead of implants brings a frightful tear of joy to my eye. Sometimes the Derober X-Ray machine is more than just insightful; sometimes, dare I say, it’s just plain fun.

So you have no frame of reference, Bob. You’re like a child who wanders in the middle of a movie –What’s my point? Bob you probably think boobs, real or fake, feel like water balloons. I’m with ya Hillary -water balloons or not.

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Celebrity Gratuity: Hilary Duff

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Photo courtesy of wireimage.com

Guilty. Hilary Duff seen here at the Los Premios MTV Latin America 2007 appears generous with her smiles as she poses for the cameras. But don’t be fooled. This primadiva is CHEAP!
According to a waitress who recently waited on her,

“I waited on her and her boyfriend Joel Madden. Joel is a regular at my restaurant and is so cool. All Hilary ordered was a drink and she insisted she wasn’t anorexic. She was totally rude throughout the night and was way high maintenance. She picked up the bill and only left 10%.”