Hillary does not concede

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Barack Obama:

“I will be the Democratic nominee for president.”

I wonder how Hillary is taking the news at her camp

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Bob ‘The Bitch’
Well it looks like Hillary isn’t wearing the pants after all. According to an Associated Press report, Barack Obama has finally won the democratic nomination by securing the necessary number of delegates. That means the war of special Olympic proportion is at an end. However, Hillary still hasn’t conceded. When reporters visited her camp, which just so happens to be her back yard, they asked if she was preparing to officially announce her concession. Hillary responded quickly by flinging her own poo at the reporters. She then proceeded to jump on her three wheelie bike where she peddled around the yard shouting profanities and flinging various glow in the dark tampons at the scared spectators. So I guess technically that’s a ‘no comment’ from Hillary’s camp at this juncture.

The Hillary Clinton emotion field guide

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Darby Gunpowder:
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We make it a point to not mix politics and celebrity dirt here at Derober, but I lost a bet to my good friend Ed. In case you missed it, check out Hillary wearing a tutu and dancing at the Democratic National Convention HERE

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Tipping Wars: Bill Clinton vs Hillary Clinton

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Last month foxnews.com reported that Hillary Clinton visited a small town diner in Iowa, received a free meal, and did not even leave a tip. The waitress, Anita Esterday, was shocked that Hillary stiffed her and could only muster the words,

“Maybe they don’t carry money. I don’t know.”

By the way Anita works three jobs -way to make friends Hil. At least you’re not running for President…

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Hillary may wear the pants in this dysfunctional / model American family, but Bill proved that he keeps a wallet in his proverbial skirt. Showing up his wife who “don’t carry money”, Bill left a $45 tip on a $47 bill at another restaurant in Iowa. Tag, you’re it Hillary!