Holly to Hef: “I want a kid.”

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When Hugh Hefner was asked if he wanted to have another baby with Girls Next Door girlfriend, Holly Madison, he pled the fifth. Holly on the other hand spilled her guts to USMagazine at the Playboy Super Bowl Party,

“There has been lots of trying — lots of trying!”

When asked what she wanted for Valentine’s Day, Holly gushed,

“I don’t know,” she said. “I want like a house and a kid.”

Hey Holly, I have a better chance of breaking Britney Spears out of rehab than you getting knocked up by Father Time.
I’m no obstetrician, but I don’t think ol’ man Hef is Ol’ Faithful these days -he’s 128 years old for Christ sake!
Good luck with that Holly, try to keep the dust out of your eyes.