Janice Dickinson used to be HOT, but she’s always been a liar

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According the Times of India, Sly Stallone calls his ex-fiance, Janice Dickinson, a liar in retaliation to her recent comments that he took steroids. This crazy bitch even went on to say the Sly injected her with steroids while she was sleeping,

“He juiced me. Iā€™d wake up and my arm was as big as Popeye ā€” steroids, testosterone, all that stuff.ā€

Now we all know that Sly has been injecting that sweet, ball-shrinking, nectar into his body for years and we don’t care. The fact that Janice claims that he injected her with steroids while sleeping is a bit unsettling, but the fact that Janice Dickinson used to be smokin’ hot is mind blowing.

Janice Dickinson is perfect

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In Janice Dickinson’s yearly attempt at a kind comment, as she was defending Jennifer Love, she managed to insult Tyra Banks by calling her fat. If that psycho-bitch ever called me fat, so help me God…
According to MSN.com,

Dickinson told Al Roker that Love Hewitt “is a healthy, not emaciated woman.” Then she added, “You want to see someone who’s fat? I’m sorry, Tyra. Tyra Banks is fat.”

The only way to determine if Tyra Banks is fat or not is to have an eating contest with Al Roker. My money’s on Banks because she isn’t scheduled to get her gastric bypass surgery ’till April.