Silverman and Kimmel no longer have sex in the dark

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Darby Gunpowder:
Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel have called it quits. John you owe me a milkshake. The funny couple dated for 5 awkward years. Let’s face it, Silverman is hotter and funnier than Kimmel, so unless he has a magic thunderstick that can make a grown woman cry, this relationship was doomed from the get-go.  According to Vanity Fair,

Kimmel’s rep Lewis Kay and Silverman’s rep Amy Zvi both confirmed that Jimmy and Sarah are no longer dating and issued a joint statement that “Jimmy and Sarah have and will have no further comment.”


Jimmy Kimmel is Fu*king Ben Affleck

It’s finally here! Jimmy Kimmel is Fu*king Ben Affleck. The Derobers have cut two minutes off the front of the video and got right to the fu*king. The video aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night after the Academy Awards. Speaking of the Oscars, don’t forget to check out Derober’s Oscar coverage.

Sarah Silverman does Matt Damon while Jimmy Kimmel watches – HILARIOUS!!!