Two alcoholics walk into a bar…

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The alcoholics are Lindsay Lohan and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The bar is trendy Villa. When two alcoholics go to a bar, the action is called ‘enabling’. They both agree to keep an eye on each other and mind their limits. Unfortunately for alcoholics, the only limit is the f*^#ing moon.
I call this action the ‘clash of nations.’ Lilo and Meyers are two world-class drinkers here, Dee. These champions consider getting drunk to be an almost Olympic pursuit; neither backs down until somebody’s ass hits the pavement.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers arrested for being Irish

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers was arrested at Dublin Airport for being drunk as balls. This is somewhat of an accomplishment for the Tudors actor considering most Irish folk are drunk 24/7 and don’t get arrested. If this were the case, all of Ireland would be in the drunk-tank…and who would make the Jamison and Guiness if everyone was in jail?

C’mon Dee, what a horrible stereotype….all Irish are drunks -my ass. I’m Irish and I only have a slight buzz right now while typing this articlsdlkgj;lfboobsgkjsfads;kjfsfjairhgideadunicornsuiuiuiui ukjfdsiuqwpoevm;lueiq7rhgaddarbygunpowderzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Celebrity Look-A-Like: Jonathan Rhys Meyers



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