Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend is straight like I’m forgiving

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Sometimes I’m surprised at my own destruction. I mean…WOW. That escalated really quickly. I was just going to make a simple statement out of the boy, but somewhere between the anvil dropping and the bloody rib cage protruding from the boy’s body I blacked out. That always happens when I’m sober. Anyways, these pics are of Justin Gaston, aka. the blowjob object of Miley Cyrus‘ affection. And in these pics the 20 year old Blue Steel wonabee can be seen getting drunk with his other male model friends. Now call me old fashioned, but prancing around half naked and drunk with your model friends comes off just a tad bit gay, don’t you think? But maybe that’s just because I like women. I guess that makes me biased, right. Sorry, I’ll start drinking immidiately.