Jessica Biel is worth stalking

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
This just in, Jessica Biel may be engaged..and pregnant…..and addicted to pain killers and Nazi My Little Pony pictures. Alright, maybe I embellished a c-hair with the whole pain killer/my little pony forum. But the other two tit tid-bits may be true according to The Sun. The story goes that Justin Timberlake may have proposed to Biel because he found out that she was harboring a terrorist baby in her whom. The Sun report adds,

He will soon be proposing and has already started looking at potential wedding venues — or in his case, islands. The two have been dating since January last year and rumors are rife they may already be planning a family.

One source said Jessica has not been drinking recently, sparking pregnancy rumors. They added: “Justin is 27 and thinking about marriage and kids. For the first time in his life he is feeling settled and has definitely decided to pop the question to Jessica.”

Great. Just great. Now what am I going to do with this stack of nude photos of myself riding a My Little Pony?? I had everything riding on those photos attracting you into my arms.

Seriously, I sold my car to buy that life size My Little Pony doll. Jessica, you owe me.

Justin Timberlake to host the ESPY’s–

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Yes, yes, the word is in that everyone’s favorite male twig Justin Timberlake will be hosting this year’s ESPY awards on July 20th. That’s a perfect fit. It’s almost as good as Jenna Jameson hosting an abstinence rally , Clay Aiken hosting a Hell’s Angels convention, or Tom Cruise heading anything NOT insane. Disney ESPN sure knows how to pick ’em but hey, any excuse to use a grappling hook is a good one I always say. I found this one in the park. It was practically brand new.

Star Maps: Justin Timberlake’s home address


Click Here for Directions to the Justin Timberlake’s House

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Owner: Justin Timberlake
Previous Owners: Helen Hunt (never moved in), Errol Flynn
Year Built: 2000
Purchase Price: $8,300,000
Square Feet: 13,530
Bathrooms: 10
Yearly Property Tax: $96,183.91

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Could Justin Timberlake be a bad tipper?

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According the Australia’s Herald Sun,

“…the chart-topper joined several pals for a two-hour lunch at a Brisbane eatery this week, noshing on lamb masala curry and downing ginger beer.

The restaurant, following the rule that says those who earn the most must be given things free, proceeded to comp his $135 tab.

But the paper says Justin’s group breached freebie etiquette by exiting the restaurant without leaving a tip.

Timberlake apparently had plenty of eyewitnesses to the gratuity gaffe: A group of 25 journalists — almost all of them female — happened to be dining at the next table.”

Leo says:
Now, now. JT probably got really, really bad service and his food was probably outrageously horrible. Oh, and his table was most likely wobbly to boot. That’s probably why he didn’t leave ANY tip at all. I’m sure of it. But seriously Justin Timberlake is a weasel -always has been.

John Says:
This is a rare occasion when I agree with my brother. If somebody comps your dinner, and you’re already rich, leave a tip! You can tell everything you need to know about a person by how they tip. Doesn’t say much for you, weasel-boy.