Kanye West Flashing Lights music video: disturbing


Is that Kanye West in the trunk? Seek help Mr West…

The Derobers actually saw this coming:


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Kanye West is clown shoes: A Derober weekend introspective.

Recently Kanye ‘bow in the presence of greatness’ West allowed Interior Design Magazine into his home. Amidst the carnage, we find that Kanye actually has a painting of himself on the ceiling above his kitchen table which depicts him as a god. Yep. God Kanye…and the hits keep right on coming. So light a fire, pour the Courvoisier, get cozy, and enjoy as Kanye’s crib gets derobed. If you like it, check out the Derober homepage.

If you don’t like it, then just check out Gemma Atkinson in a bikini here.

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Here is the painting on the ceiling above the kitchen table

Photo courtesy of kanyeuniversity.com

Kanye’s shoe closet

Photo courtesy of kanyeuniversity.com

Kanye’s dying living room

Photo courtesy of kanyeuniversity.com

Weekly Reaper

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Kanye West is on our shit-list for good. This no-talent pussy thinks he is the reincarnate himself. Here at Derober, there are certain qualitites that will land you a date with death.

So if anyone reading this, knows Kanye, please do him / us a favor and kick him in the junk.

Kanye West outsells 50 Cent…

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…but 50 Cent wins the staring contest. We are all now uncomfortable for witnessing this.