Guess where these clowns had dinner last night?

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It was too easy.
In real news, Tom Cruise and his brainwashed wife Katie Holmes met up with Will Smith and his soon-to-be-brainwashed wife Jada.
The power couples ate a meal of earth food at Beverly Hills hotspot “Cut”. I wonder if Tom’s major selling points for the Smith’s to join Scientology is that they’ll be instantly ridiculed, outcast, and shit-on by their peers/fans??

According to

Tom, 45, and Katie, 29, are reportedly hosting a $200K party for J.Lo’s new twins next month. The pair are also good friends with Marc Anthony and wife J.Lo. John Travolta, Eva Longoria and the Beckhams are expected to be on the guest list!

Star Maps: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Beverly Hills House

1111 Calle Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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Tom Cruise and his half-human wife, Katie Holmes plan on moving back into their newly decorated Beverly Hills Mansion March 1st.
They have been holed up in a luxury apartment in Hollywood Scientology Celebrity Center -sounds lovely.

Purchase Price: $35 Million
Year Built: 1937
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 10
Square Feet: 13,000
Land: 1.3 Acres
Extras: underground UFO parking (handicap only)


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BREAKING: Katie runs away from Tom

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Wow. According to MSN owned, Womans Day, Katie Holmes cracked and stormed out of a crisis meeting with the VP of Scientology, aka Tom Cruise. Katie has been putting her best face forward with the recent controversy involving her family and their zealot practice of Scientology -until now. Latest reports say she “stormed out of her house upset”. I don’t blame the poor girl as she is obviously brainwashed and that’s not healthy. Everyone I’ve ever known who suffered from a severe case of brainwashing has cracked. Remember what happened to Patty Hearst…?

Scientology: A Family Portrait

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Exclusive Scientology Family Portrait! Only on
(we’ve been told this portrait hangs in the lobby of the Church of Scientology)

From Left to Right: Giovanni Ribisi, Beck, Kirstie Alley, Jason Lee, Greta Van Susteren, Danny Masterson, Suri Cruise, Kohn Travolta, Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Isaac Hayes, Leah Remini, Jenna Elfman, Juliette Lewis, Lisa Marie Presley.

We all knew that Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and John Travolta were Scientologists, but there are a lot more celebrities worshiping Xenu than we thought…

Click on Thumbnail below to view larger (family) photo and pass it on to your friends . . . or else!

Here is a full list of Celebrity Scientologists: Continue Reading: Scientology: A Family Portrait

Tom feels this big.

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Tom Cruise is reportedly pretty pissed off about the whole ‘He’s a Scientology Freak’ thing happening right now. His publicists have instructed him to go out and pretend like it’s business as usual but a source close to Tom is says “he’s agitated.” What’s worse: Scientologists don’t take ‘anti-agitating’ meds. Poor lamb.