Kelly Brook is terrible, only allowed on stage in bikini

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Kelly Brook opened her new play “Fat Pig” in London. The Daily Mail called her a “poor actress” but nobody is listening to a word she’s saying, I guarantee. I have no clue how Kelly Brooke got famous so I went to her Wikipedia page. Get this, Wikipedia says,

Her vital statistics is 36DD-26-36.

Translation: She’s famous for her boobs. So there you have it, folks. Case closed on Kelly Brooke.

Kelly Brook’s boobs smell good

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British bombshell, Kelly Brook, bestowed her new perfume, Superdrug, on civilians in London this past weekend. Apparently she was holding a bottle of her new musk at the debut party -Derober’s keen eye has yet to see this bottle. Thesuperficial wrote,

“She possesses two wonderful qualities for being a product salesman: a great smile and a winning personality.”

I can only guess she bottled the classic “stripper smell” and rebranded it because all I can think about are milkshakes when I think of “Superdrug