Kelly Clarkson and Oscar the Grouch got a raw deal

About a week ago, the girls (and guys) at Kelly Clarkson Express emailed me these backstage photos for my blog and told me about their ‘How I Feel Project‘ which is trying to revive Kelly’s ‘My December’ album. One of the girls, KellySprinkle, suggested I digg it. A likely story as it has nothing to do with Obama, Anonymous, or My Little Pony Forums. I’m a celebrity blogger and an asshole. I spent my Thursday photoshopping a pint sized version of myself ‘chest diving‘ into Christina Aguilera’s cleavage. Done and done. Request denied. Continue Reading: Kelly Clarkson and Oscar the Grouch got a raw deal

Celine Dion is a quitter

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It’s a sad day. After 5 years, the curtains are coming down permanently on Celine Dion’s show at Ceasar’s Palace. After 717 earpiercing shows, $400 million dollars, and 3 million fans later the real life bobblehead is calling it quits. The Derobers don’t give a shit about the show or Celine, but we do applaud hard work. So good work Miss Dion…now go back to where you came from. sums it up Dion best,

“Celine Dion is proof that woman can also be Douchebags”

Ceasar’s Palace has not yet announced who will replace the large hat of Celine, but there are rumors going around that Kelly Clarkson may sign her life away to headline at the famed 4,100 seat arena.

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The Quest for Kelly continues…

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Keep the suggestions rolling in! To fill the newbies in, John is now in ‘Phase III’ of his Quest to score a date Kelly Clarkson by making himself a better person. John was an hour early to work and had already hit the gym if you can believe it. ‘Stacy24luv‘ emailed that Kelly loves her some Nascar so John is beefing up on his Nascar knowledge and bad boy attitude. I can honestly say, John’s pretty committed to seeing this through!

The Daytona 500 kicks off the Nascar season this February. I can’t wait! Thanks again for all your suggestions on how I can get a date with Kelly. We have some irons in the fire and some people close to Kelly are working on this. That’s all we can say for now. We’ll keep ya’ll closely posted. Some readers have written in want a Kelly posting every day. We decided that would make me look like a total stalker. If I’m arrested again, that’s my third strike people!

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Kelly Clarkson. The feedback.

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We are getting some great ideas on how John can get a date with Kelly. I must say, some of the ideas are really amazing. So much so that we’re going to post the best ideas on the site with a Derobed picture. ‘Restless’ came up with the idea that people should bring signs to a Kelly concert! Imagine Kelly looking out on a sea of people holding ‘Date John’ signs. Lol. That would just be hilarious. We’ve also heard some girls are planning to print up John’s story and deliver it to Kelly during a meet-and-greet (thread courtesy of bixblitz). So good! Believe me, he really is a gentleman. He walks me to my car everyday when we leave work. Who does that? Really.

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Stacy221 at Sodahead writes that, in order to date Kelly, I should, “Become the best person you can.” And, you know what, she’s right. Just because people vote you ‘Kelly-worthy’ doesn’t make it so. I doubt Kelly’s fans want to see her with an idiot (much less Kelly herself). Starting today, I’m holding myself to a higher standard. I’m actually going to try to be a better person. I know it doesn’t happen overnight. Baby steps. Everyday, I’m going to learn a new skill. And today is platform diving. It’s going to be painful… because I’m going to suck at it.

But keep the comments and suggestions coming. Thanks again for the suggestions. Honestly, I’m reading a book tonight and I have no idea how long it’s been since I did that. Whether I get the date or not, when they close the book on this story, at least i’ll have something good to show for it as a person.
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The Day I met Kelly Clarkson

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Let me preface this by saying that before I became a Derober, I was a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles. I often have contact with celebrities and I’m not easily impressed. But there is something about Kelly Clarkson that hits a soft spot I guess, and makes me go gaga.

The whole thing happened on a Saturday morning a few months ago. Continue Reading: The Day I met Kelly Clarkson