Kardashian the boxer, nip slips, calenders, more juice please…

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Kim Kardashian as boxer in new EA videogame! (agentbedhead)
Sabrina Ravelli is international sex goddess (doubleviking)
Pamela Anderson throws out first pitch. Accompanied with boobs (bustedcoverage)
Lily Allen breast slip–hehe (dirtyrotten)
Who wants some sweet Pineapple Express (Asylum)
Gemma Atkinson 2009 Calander preview–good Lord (on205th)
How freakin’ good was the original dream team. Just watch (uncoached)
Heidi Klum topless on a boat–I’m in (flatusyahu)
German Maxim magazine has HOT girls too (donchavez)
Fantasy Female draft–brilliant (bannedinhollywood)
Kangaroos boxing, sure why not (blogofhilarity)

Still working on a title…

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Bob ‘The Bitch’
I guess you could say I countered Kim’s staged and photoshopped photos with my own brand of photoshopped photos. The results are…unstable. A few titles I’ve considered for this post:
The Abominable Kardashian
Kim: A deconstruction of the unnecessarily famous female form
Lady lumps from hell
The love child of God and a goat
Hey Kim, Rwanda called, they want their Happy Meal back
Just Jam your fingers into your eye sockets now
When dinosaurs ruled the earth Kim ate them
At least your tits are redeemable
Flapjacks with a side of hose-hounds
I think I saw one of Kim’s ass cheeks try to eat the other one
Beached whale makes headlines after porn tape with sea otter surfaces
Kim is to toned what Clay Aiken is to straight
What did you do with the other beach goers Kim, what did you do??

Dude, I just had the best idea

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Kim Kardashian took her milk puppies shopping yesterday. This girl is basically a walking adult amusement park. Not pictured: Ass Moonwalk and Gravity Thighs.

When did Kim Kardashian develop these bad eating habbits?

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
What you can’t see from these pictures is that Kim Kardashian is actually inhaling her food now. It’s hard to spot it but if you ever walk into a bathroom that Kim just walked out of you can actually see the lines of food on the counters. Sometimes cut, sometimes not. You name the food odds are Kardashian has inhaled it. Burgers, cakes, calamari, Big League Chew, 6 foot subs–ANYTHING. Oh, and don’t let that scarf fool you, she’s also being fed chili dogs and mint chocolate chip Oreos intravenously through a tube. Now kids, unless you’re trying to build a space station out of your ass like Kim I would strongly advise against this kind of calorie intake. Just not prudent.

Now here’s video footage of Kim Kardashian eating BEFORE she mastered the art of inhaling food.

Kim Kardashian wants us to know she’s working out

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OK, so here’s how it works: Kim Kardashian knows that the media is a making fun of her for her recent weight gain. So Kim woke up this morning and called a few paparazzos and told them exactly what gym she’d be hangin’ around. Then Kimmy walks outside the gym and gets her picture taken in her shitty workout outfit.
The tragedy is this is actually how Kim thinks you lose weight. She got home and told her mom all about how she put on her workout clothes and it felt so good and people took pictures. Kim was eating a chicken leg at the time so her mom could hardly understand her. But anyway, they day was magical and Kim was sure she lost like 2 lbs. while the paparazzi snapped away.