Kirsten Dunst should go to tipping rehab too.

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Thank you to the server who just sent this story in. She wishes to remain anonymous but the story is no less funny:

I work at an exclusive West Hollywood eatery. Kirsten Dunst comes in every once in a while. A couple weeks ago she came in with a few friends (who do nothing but kiss her ass btw). Continue Reading: Kirsten Dunst should go to tipping rehab too.

Kirsten Drunkst stumbles onto rehab bandwagon

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Kirsten Dunst, while still drunk, checked herself into Cirque Lodge (rehab center) in Utah.
She’ll probably wake up and have no idea where she is -bummer. Other noteable Cirque alumni are Lindsay Lohan, Richie Sambora and Eva Mendez.

UPDATE: Eva Mendez just got released from ‘hab.