Is everybody ready for some Sex And The City??!

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
The preliminary reviews are in and the verdict is that the new Sex and the City movie is good–at least according to the New York Times (take that for what it’s worth). In addition to that review, God herself watched the movie last week and gave it her stamp of approval. Oprah mentioned the movie several times during her show and said that it would not disappoint. Thanks Oprah, you just forced every dating or married man in the country to watch this steaming pile of estrogen. I for one will not be making an appearance at the Sex in the City movie this summer. I have balls.

To all men shackled and constrained by the almighty chains of your lady and her love for Sex and the City, I have one small piece of advice. Take your balls out of your wife’s purse and boycott this titanic tampon. You’ll thank me one day.

For more on the horse face.

Kristin Davis sex tape scandal updated.

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Click here for the BREAKING NEW details…perverts.

Kristin Davis sex tape update

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
TMZ is now reporting that there are over 20 NSFW photos of Davis for sale to the highest bidder. New photos of her giving an oral lesson are surfacing. Kristin’s publicist is denying the crap out of the photos. Derober’s court artist has made a rough etching of one of the photos. While it certainly looks like Kristin, the photos are allegedly 5 years old and we still can’t tell. For the spread, check it out here. Bam!

We know this. There are three golden rules in Hollywood:
#1 Never, ever sleep with Pauley Shore.
#2 Don’t ever make a sex tape.
#3 Don’t ever make a sex tape.

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