Leo DiCaprio, man of the people.

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

Place: Irish Haven (a dive bar if there ever was one)
Location: NY, 4th and 58th St.

Leonardo DiCaprio can party harder than you. Here is the story:

“I’m a regular at Irish Haven (it’s the last place on planet earth you can still get Schaefer beer.) Last weekend Leo and his buddy show up. Everybody pretended not to care but the cell phones were out, believe me. Within an hour, a crowd shows up and i figure the big star’s gonna’ split but he doesn’t. Instead he just starts buying jager bombs for people. No shit. Guy must have bought 10 rounds. I guess he’s been there before because some people couldn’t get the pool table to spit out the balls and he yelled to them, ‘you gotta shake that one.’ He was cool to everybody. I can’t tell you exactly what he tipped but he’d hand the bartender big bills ($20 and $50’s) and tell him to keep it every time. I left the bar at 4 am and Leo was still there. One of my boys said he stayed until 7 but I don’t know if that’s true. If it is, I guess he isnt such the pussy I thought.”

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