More Juice Please

Britney finally gets a break (AgentBedhead)

Porn Stars fully clothed (Asylum)

Kirstie Alley fired for being too fat (popbytes)

J-Lo due to give birth, hospital on kidnap alert(HollywoodRag)

Al Pacino to make an appearance in new bond film? (ifilm)

Jennifer Aniston on set of her new movie (Dailystab)

Kourtney Kardashian (the hot one) in a bikin (Doubleviking)

More Juice Please (the Natalie Portman episode)…

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Emma Watson (Harry Potter) is dating a very dirty boy (Ayyyy)

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More Juice Please…

Josh Brolin might be the new Terminator (bedhead)

Cher thought she was going to be homeless (Ayyyy)

Eva Longoria is posing on an exotic car. Yes, that’s newsworthy (mannpill)

Men are not growing up anymore…at all (postgay)

Sienna Miller looks amazing. No, really. (obsessed)

Lindsay Lohan not doing drugs (stab)

More Juice Please…

Paris is out with a new flame (stab)

Matt Damon and George Clooney are hot (bedhead)

The world’s craziest celebs (Ayyyy)

Get out of Valentines day free card (mannpill)

Scarlett Johansen and Penelope cruz threesome (asylum)

More Juice Please….

What kind of free swag did Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra and Cindy Crawford get for attending a Super Bowl Party? (asylum)

Halle Berry takes her boy toy out to feed his face (stab)

Milo Ventimiglia with three Playboy bunnies frowning (obsessed)

This photo of Tom and Katie has been stuck in my brain for an hour (bedhead)

Red carpet women wearing Red. The curtains do match the carpet (Ayyyy)

The worst games on Wii (mannpill)