More Juice Please…

Eddie Murphy gets divorce before he has a wife (Ayyyy)

A fan hands Katherine Heigl Nicoderm (Stab)

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One of the greatest asses I’ve ever seen (Mannpill)

For the battle of the sexes (monkey)

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More Juice Please…

Joaquin Phoenix makes ‘Globes’ acceptance speech on flash cards (agent)

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Andrea Corr bikini photos (monkey)

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More Juice Please!!!

Kate Moss wishes konichiwa to 2008. (ABH)

Fight Club: The Musical?! (DS)

Natalie Portman’s very expensive vegan-friendly shoes. (CS)

Kylie Minogue has a committee of advisors in her head. (Ayyyy!)

Reese Witherspoon saves Jake Gyllenhaal from killer dog! (The Blemish)

Dr. Phil is such an opportunistic whore. (GB)

Jennifer Aniston’s ass: Two questions. (IBBB)

Christina Aguilera’s waiter of two years dishes. (DR)

One Missed Call is definitely worth missing. (Pajiba)

Mischa Barton = Virgin Mischa (WIMB)

Scarlett Johansson dresses like Rumer Willis, gives ordinary guys boners. (POTP)

Celebrity Photo Hunt: Spot the difference between Bond girls. (LG)

Katie Holmes could really use a new turkey baster. (HO)

More Juice Please….

Larry Birkhead is the poor man’s playboy (Ayyyy)

Lilly Allen is…beautiful (Bedhead)

Just go to DListed because it’s an awesome site.

Carrie Underwood, take it or leave it (fugyourself)

Depp named biggest moneymaker of ’07 (Daily Stab)

Lohan is still broke (Mollygood)

Photos of Natalie Portman from her new film (NataliePortman)

More Juice Please….

David Schwimmer can’t commit to a woman. (Ayyyy)

Vanessa Minnillo goes shopping in Bel Air (Daily Stab)

Watch the Harold and Kumar trailer! (poponpop)

John Mayor loves the word ‘Douchebag’ (bedhead)

Spencer Pratt offered gay porn role (Gabby Babble)