Madonna and Britney to join forces on tour

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
If anybody ever wondered what it would look like to see Gandalf having sex with Jabba the Hut, you are in luck. Apparently Madonna and Britney Spears decided that if you combine an aged steroid activist with a blue whale you can kick start the apocalypse. How quaint. Anyways, the sexual black hole (otherwise known as a concert) will take place for a few Circus tour dates this summer and in addition to her extra Sticky & Sweet concerts, the material girl may even be adding the Glastonbury festival to the lineup as well. My Grand Pappy Winston used to call this kind of carnage a shit show with biscuit wheels. Words were never more appropriately uttered.

Happy New Years Eve..yaahhh?

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Ahhh 2008…lets recap the year shall we.
Britney lost her mind, found Jesus or something–saved; A-Rod banged Madonna, but not really, whatever; some babies popped out–to be expected; there was an election I think; Heath Ledger dies becomes immortalized as the new joker=5th Beatle; economy has post masturbation slump; and yet another year of booze, boils and bullets were at the forefront of my wasted life. So yeah, I’d say we’re right on par. Happy New Years Eve, bitches. Don’t call. Don’t text. We were never that good of friends.

And I don’t give a shit about punctuation or run-ons so don’t bother with your worthless guilt trips. Your malcontent only inspires me.

World’s most predictable faceplant

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