Michael Crichton dead at 66

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
The creator of the ultra popular Jurassic Park books and movies recently passed away at 66 after losing a battle with cancer. Michael Crichton was an inquisitive, detailed, and analytical writer who’s work has transcended time. As a kid I remember his impact on me as I watched Jurassic Park in the theaters for the first time and as my mum sat and read the book to me for nights on end… as it is a well known fact that I never learned how to read–don’t hate. Other notable works of his include The Lost World, Sphere, and he is also the creator and writer for the hit TV show ER. Michael will be missed but never forgotten.

6 honest predictions about today’s election

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Prediction 1

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Prediction 2

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Prediction 3

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Prediction 4

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Prediction 5

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Prediction 6

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Well after months of political feuding and heated debates election day is finally upon us. The race between Barack Obama and John McCain is about to be decided. It’s pandemonium out there. Not unlike the Beatles stepping off of the plane in America for the first time. I’ve decided to seek refuge from the stampeding mob outside by locking myself in a dumpster just off the 405. It’s dark, cold, and musty in here. Thank God I managed to bring my computer with my so I can send this message to anyone out there who will listen. I’m scared. It’s like Armageddon on steroids. For any survivors out there I suggest that you lock yourself in your house and arm yourself with anything you can get your hands on. Should you find yourself face to face with a person from a political party that’s not yours I suggest you play dead and avoid eye contact at all costs. Be brave people. It will all be over very soon…..God help us.

One more thing. If you live in California. VOTE NO ON PROP 8

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