Megan Fox tells GQ she’s in love with a stripper yo

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Darby Gunpowder:
22 year old Megan Fox graces this month’s cover of GQ in a hot little bikini. And did I mention she gushes about her love for a female stripper…yes, that’s right -she’s bi!!! This is going to be the best Tuesday this week. Read:

“Megan Fox has nothing to hide. The candid 22-year-old “Transformers” star, who’s currently engaged to actor Brian Austin Green, opened up to GQ about her love life, telling the magazine she was once in love with a female stripper. Fox, who appears on the October cover in a black bikini, said she was in the relationship when she was 18 and first living in Los Angeles alone.

“Well, that year my boyfriend broke up with me, and I decided — oh man, sorry, mommy! — that I was in love with this girl that worked at the Body Shop,” said Fox. “I decided that I was going to get her to love me back, and I went out of my way to create a relationship with this girl, a stripper named Nikita.”

Fox said Nikita would do “these beautiful slow dances to Aerosmith ballads.” The actress also said she would bring the Russian stripper gifts and try to inspire her to quit her line of work.

Fox’s publicist, Dominique Appel, confirmed the contents of the GQ report Monday.

Despite the brief relationship with a woman, Fox said she does not identify herself as gay.

“Look, I’m not a lesbian,” said Fox. “I just think that all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl — Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands. She’s mesmerizing. And lately I’ve been obsessed with Jenna Jameson, but … oh boy.”

Check out the video of Megan’s scantily clad photoshoot after the jump.
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What Megan Fox looks like after a date with me…

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Megan Fox is actually on the set of the film, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. This is basically how Derober works people: If a photo of Megan Fox is put on the internets anwhere, we post it. I don’t care what she looks like, what she’s doing, or who she’s doing it with. In fact I’m thinking about renaming the website but amazingly enough that name is already taken I shit you not.

Music to my eyes yes yes, yes yes yes.

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Darby Gunpowder:
When I was reading my horoscope today, it said: Megan Fox will have a topless lesbian scene in her new movie, ‘Jennifer’s Body’ with Mama Mia star Amanda Seyfried. I was elated considering the last time I read my horoscope a year ago it said that the itching would never stop -and it hasn’t!…Um, yeah. There was a point in there somewhere. According the,

The ‘Transformers’ actress romps topless in bed with ‘Mamma Mia’ star Amanda Seyfried in zombie film ‘Jennifer’s Body’.

A source said: “The two girls make out hardcore, rolling around in a bed. It was a really hot scene.”
In ‘Jennifer’s Body’, Megan plays a possessed cheerleader who goes on a killing spree murdering her male classmates.

Megan recently hinted she would be sharing a passionate smooch with her co-star Amanda, revealing: “I eat and seduce everyone. There’s a lot of kissing everyone – boys and girls. All kinds of craziness.”

Update: horoscopes are for puffs.

Megan Fox fixing boobs ALMOST perfect

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Yes, that’s the ticket. I’m trying to think how I’d react if I was on the set of Transformers 2 and saw Megan Fox fixing her boobs and I’ve narrowed it down to three possibilities. One, I focus the sun’s light through a magnifying glass into my eyes blinding myself because once you’ve seen perfection nothing else will make you happy. Two, I piss my pants and forget who I am for a half an hour. Or three, I create a time machine and spend my entire life traveling back to that single moment in time. I mean if you’re gonna go, go with a smile. Long story short, Meg darling, have you ever considered Playboy? You’ve got the goods, and with my help you could be the best.

Megan Fox rocks Jedi

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Megan Fox arrived at the Fox All Star party on the Santa Monica pier in a Star Wars t-shirt. The Derobers were invited to this event but were unable to get our windowless van close enough to Megan so we settled for Mischa Barton instead. That was a pretty bad idea. I had no idea herpes was airborne.