Mel Gibson’s wife files for divorce. I wonda’ why?

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Meg Gibson’s wife, Robyn, has filed for divorce siting ‘irreconcilable differences.’ And she stands to make a small fortune according to TMZ,

There is no prenuptial agreement — they were married in 1980, before Mel Gibson amassed a fortune estimated at $900 million back in 2006. Under the laws of California, community property — which includes earnings — is divided 50/50.
Robyn is also asking for spousal support and attorneys fees.

This one is gonna’ get messy. I hope Mel doesn’t hit the bottle again seeing as his Freeeeeeeeeedom! is going to cost a couple hundred million dollars.

100% chance Mel Gibson’s new house is haunted

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Darby Gunpowder:
It’s safe to say that everyone has had a job they hate. We’ve all considered jumping out of a high-rise window or exfixiating ourselves with bubble wrap -no? Go work at Wells Fargo.
I digress. A 48-year old construction worker at Mel Gibson’s Augora Hills house hung himself on the job site.
My first instinct is to feel bad for this “poor” guy, but I can’t. Homeboy took the easy way out and gave up on life. His choice, but definitely a rude gesture to anyone who cares about him. Not to mention, extra-rude to the Gibson family who now have to live in a haunted, tormented house. What a jerk. Mel’s a pretty tough dude, especially boozed up, but imagine getting up in the middle of the night to take a leak and you’re confronted by a ghostly construction worker wielding a nail gun -even William Wallace would shit his pants.