Freak Alert: Jacko shops for children’s books

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Wearing hundreds of Bandaids on his face, Michael Jackson unplugged himself and ventured out into oxygenated planet earth -specifically a Barnes & Noble in Las Vegas. He arrived in a space ship with his spawns, 10-year-old Prince, 9-year-old Paris, and 5-year-old Blanket. They shopped for 3 hours and left the earthly building with boxes of human literature. The Derobers believe the Wacko’s are studying the human race via Dr. Seuss books.
Hey Mike, you have a little something on your nose…a little higher…lower…there, yeah -you got it.

Jackson Five Reunion Tour in Jeopardy

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Jossip is reporting some insurance companies that might insure the reunion tour are taking a step back. There is concern that Jacko’ might not be in good enough health to perform.

This tour could single handedly end the war in Iraq. Everybody knows this. Wheel the man out on stage for all I care.