Miley Cyrus scalps her fans

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For those of you who find this image disturbing, the women’s room is right here. Miley Cyrus is throwing herself a 16th Birthday party at Disneyland and she wants all her friends to come. Wait! There’s a catch. Tickets for the concert are starting at $300. That’s a lot of money. I remember when I was 12 my dad gave me a $20 bill and I tried to buy land in Hawaii with it. Did I mention that last year at this time Miley’s average concert ticket was a c-hair above $60? Now that is disturbing. Gouging kids and parents to listen to pre-recorded lyrics is bad enough. Pulling that shit during a recession is another. For $300, you’d better be doing this whole concert naked riding an Flamingo, Miles.

I’m categorizing this post under ‘Miley Cyrus is an asshole dickhead’. It’s harsh, yes. But so is life.