Miley Cyrus immortalized at teen idol in wax

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Darby Gunpowder:
In news of the disturbing, Miley Cyrus has been sculpted into a life size wax figure for Madame Tusauds wax museum in New York city. This is disturbing on so many levels: Whoever sculpted the likeness of teenage Miley had to replicate her whole body -identically…do the math people.

I just puked in my mouth.

I don’t even want to know if its anatomically correct. Barbie dolls and action figures are one thing, but a life size replica is perverted. Whoever sculpted this sick monstrosity should take a flame thrower to this thing if he/she ever wants to sleep again.

Transvestite shows up at Grammy’s impersonating Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus graced the red carpet at the Grammy’s last night accompanied by 2 gallons of makeup. In case you people forgot, Miley is 15 years old! Someone needs to remind her that makeup is for old women who are hiding imperfections and Geishas -not tweens. She must have lost a bet as no one in their right mind would show up at the Grammy’s done-up as a transvestite.

Miley Cyrus MySpace photos leaked

Miley Cyrus’s MySpace “friends” are ripping her personal photos off her MySpace page and plastering them all over the internet…including this site. These aren’t your typical group photos with friends you’ll lose touch with as you get older, these are risque and s-s-sexy (I dare say). But we here at Derober are much more high-brow than those other, more popular tasteless celebrity blogs.

So we give YOU -the user, the option to roll your mouse over the photo below to reveal the southern hemisphere of this talented, classy young lady. No one is watching…


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Miley Cyrus uses body-double in concert: Video Proof!!!

Fast forward to about 2:14 and watch as Miley ducks under a trench coat into a secret door. Half a second later a body double pops out of another secret door in the same outfit and finishes the set. So I guess that means she lip-syncs too….

Billy Ray drops the hammer on Miley Cyrus

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Prediction: Miley Spears Cyrus, will be the next Hollywood manufactured tween to spin off the planet. The Hannah Montana star got her shiny little credit card swiped through a tree shredder when her has-been father, Billy, found out she purchased an $11,350 Prada bag. I can’t knock Billy for trying to put his foot down, but let’s face it, this is a sign of greedy times to come for this rising star. Pagesix reports:

Miley Cyrus still gets punished like every other teenager! After her parents, Billy Ray and Leticia Cyrus, found out that the tween star had splurged on a pricey crocodile Prada bag (one style costs $11,350), they cut up all of her credit cards!
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