Mary-Kate dates starving artist!

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

Photo courtesy of Me Magazine.
According to W’s blog, Mary-Kate Olsen walked into the Beatrice Inn wearing ‘gobs of jewelry’ and met up with hipster artist, Nate Lowman (pic above). Nate, 28, has an exhibit in the New Museum called “unmonumental.” The two were seen making out in public because the Olsen Twins don’t ‘get a room.’

Mary-Kate and Ash really do get whatever they want, don’t they? They are like that chick in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who gets whatever she wants. One day it’s “I want to date a biker with one testicle, now” and the next day it’s, “I wanna’ go slumming with an artist in flannel, now!” And, poof, it happens. We call this phenomenon ‘Anorexic Magic.’